Mobile grooming: the right choice for your loved one.



We are easy to use! We come to you, so you avoid getting your pet(s) to a grooming facility. Our appointments usually take 90 minutes or less per dog, so no more arranging your whole day around the groomers! 

Perfect for:

  1. Families: imagine not having to wrestle car seats, kids, and wiggly Rover anymore!
  2. Assisted living adults: we come to you so you don't have to arrange transportation to and from a grooming facility. 
  3. Busy professionals: leave the grooming up to us! We come right to your home or office and offer a Keyed Entry Service for ultimate convenience! 


Now its easy to  scratch "Take the dog to the groomers" off your list!


Less stress

Some pets experience separation anxiety when you leave them at a groomer or become anxious or car sick on the way there. Mobile grooming provides a less stressful experience for your pet. Most appointments are completed in 90 minutes or less per pet. As soon as they are finished, they are already home!


One on One time

Many pets become anxious or agitated when in close quarters with other animals. With mobile grooming, your pet doesn't have to deal with other animals at the salon – and gets focused attention from a groomer.   

And once you meet our stylists you will absolutely know you've made the right choice for your furry friend!

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