Your First Visit

Health Evaluation

We discuss any health issues prior to grooming your pets to keep them safe and healthy while in our care

Grooming consultation

Don't trim the ears? Short all over? Leave a Mohawk? We will discuss your preferred styles and necessary services prior to grooming your pet so we know exactly what you want for your loved one!

Appointment time!

Appointments usually take anywhere from 30 min to 120 min, depending on pet, services, and styles. Most appointments take 90 minutes or less to go from shabby to chic!

Bows, Bandanas, and Cologne

Finishing touches are applied at your discretion at the end of the grooming appointment.

Kiss goodbye!

One final hug and kiss, smile for the camera, and we are done!

Coming home

Details about your pets groom will be discussed with you, including any recommendations that may benefit you and your pet in coming appointments.